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Last week, we hosted our second annual Cadre Sponsor Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. Attending were 30 of our top operating partners, representing cumulatively over $110 billion in real estate assets under management. This year’s event focused on a recap of the investment activity and milestones achieved over the past year, the launch of a new proprietary tool for our operating partners, and a preview of new programs for the coming year:

The Cadre Sponsor Portal is an integrated platform for asset management and reporting

Highlights from the event included:

  • The launch of the Cadre Sponsor Portal — an integrated platform for asset management and reporting.
  • A demonstration by Ashwin Raghu (Director of Data Engineering) of machine-learning based data tools for identifying optimal investment opportunities at a localized level across U.S. markets.
  • A fireside chat moderated by Cadre CEO Ryan Williams with Cadre investors Jeff Jordan (General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz) and Joel Cutler (Co-Founder, Managing Partner, General Catalyst) covering the tech landscape, relevant applications to the real estate community, and Cadre’s unique opportunity to transform alternative asset investing.

Cadre CEO Ryan Williams and Cadre investors Jeff Jordan (General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz) and Joel Cutler (Co-Founder, Managing Partner, General Catalyst) discuss the future of real estate technology during a fireside chat at the Cadre 2018 Sponsor Summit

We would like to thank all of our operator partners for contributing to another great summit. Cadre’s extensive partner network is a key element in allowing us to deliver high quality, differentiated opportunities to our investors.

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