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Leonid joined Cadre from Dropbox nearly a year ago as a Director of Engineering and initially focused on establishing our platform infrastructure team. Since he joined, he has consistently excelled and increased his roles and responsibilities. He’s been hard at work on multiple fronts, scaling our engineering team, improving our team’s release reliability and building our internal data engineering efforts. Leonid has demonstrated resilience ensuring our second office in Toronto was seamlessly opened and integrated with our NY team. He has helped build and manage a strong team whose collective efforts have resulted in improved velocity and efficiency of our release and testing process. While focused in these areas, Leonid has emerged as one of our strongest leaders, a culture carrier who embodies our core values, demonstrating what it means to be fearless, selfless, and exceptional.

It is for these reasons that Leonid will be assuming even greater responsibilities as Cadre’s VP of Engineering. In his new role, he’ll take the sole lead growing our engineering presence nationally and internationally, overseeing the technical development process across the organization and sustaining our enduring engineering culture. We are confident that with Leonid at the helm, Cadre will grow to even greater heights, while remaining true to our mission of improving people’s financial futures and promoting greater prosperity for even more members of our global economy. Congratulations Leonid!

Prior to joining Cadre, Leonid worked at Dropbox where he worked as Senior Engineering Manager and responsible for overall reliability and infrastructure components. Prior to Dropbox Leonid worked at Yelp as a Senior Engineering Manager. Prior to Yelp, Leonid was Co-Head of Infrastructure at Yandex. He received his Master’s in Computer Science from Moscow State Industrial University.

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Ryan is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cadre. Prior to founding Cadre in 2014, he worked at The Blackstone Group in its real estate private equity division. At The Blackstone Group, Ryan was involved in over $3 billion in transactions across multiple asset types. Prior to Blackstone, Ryan worked at Goldman Sachs in its technology, media, and telecom group, where he worked on transactions totaling more than $5 billion. Ryan founded and launched an institutional real estate single family homes fund in 2009, acquiring, renovating, and selling single family homes throughout the United States while acquiring more than 1,500 multi-family units. Prior to that, he founded a sports technology company. Ryan holds an A.B. from Harvard College.
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